NiTE ForceTM Compression Implant

Providing implant and technique familiarity with the active compression and alignment of nitinol

Current Solutions Have Limitations

Fixed length rigid implants, can lead to loss of compression during bone realignment or remodeling. This may lead to delayed healing or non-union.

Cannulated Screws

broken screw
  • Fixed length rigid screws
  • May not maintain compression

Plates and Screws

Plates and screws
  • May be too rigid
  • Soft tissue issues

Nitinol Staples

nitinol staple
  • Not intramedullary
  • Sub-optimal plane of fixation

The Solution: Active Continuous Compression

Our proprietary technology is designed to apply Active Compression throughout the healing process to promote more rapid bone healing and a decrease in nonunion.

Unlike the current industry standard implants, compression from the ActivOrtho technology is designed to be maintained up to 2mm as bones adjust.

Our technology has application opportunities to a broad range of upper and lower extremity fractures, fusions, and osteotomies.

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The ActivOrtho Technology

activortho screw
1.4mm K-Wire compatible
T15 Driver
Round atraumatic head
Active compression Self-limiting at 2mm elongation
Distal threads 1/3 of total length
Self-cutting and self-tapping tip

Insert ActivOrtho Implant

Step One Is to Insert ActivOrtho Implant

Turn ActivOrtho Implant to Bring Bone Fragments Together

Step 2 Is to Turn ActivOrtho Implant to Bring Bone Fragments Together

Additional 2 Turns Elongate Center Section to Provide Active Compression

Step 3 is to perform Additional 2 Turns Elongate Center Section to Provide Active Compression
Center laser-cut section works to return to its original shorter length, creating active compression between bone fragments

ActivOrtho Board of Directors

Andrew Palmer, MD


Paul Buckman


John Deedrick

Executive Chairman

Paul Hindrichs


Mike Brenzel


Steve Healy


ActivOrtho Leadership Team

Steve Healy

Chief Executive Officer

Darren Dahlin

VP of Marketing and Sales

Dan Savage

VP of R&D

Dr. Kent Ellington

Chief Medical Officer

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